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This page still in process, thanks for your kind patience.

This page still in process, thanks for your kind patience.

The Brand

LIZZI is a Franco-Brazilian brand, always in-between the two continents to offer you collections with a limited number of pieces. The collections are designed in Bordeaux, France, and developped in Brazil.",

LIZZI uses à la française sewing techniques, but adds a à la brasileira touch, that makes each piece unique. We are not talking about football, nor samba, but about a colourful culture, being the only one of its kind in the world.

LIZZI invites you to discover communities that organize on the basis of a handmade and cultural knowhow. This genuine exchange makes us wish to invite you to share the path we have taken.

The Brand

The Designer

Lisyane Arize is a brazilian designer. As a child, she loved sewing clothes for her dolls.

She then went to Salvador to study geometry, where her creations were so successful that she joined the best fashion-design school of Rio de Janeiro (Candido Mendes).

Adventuring in France in order to specialize in high fashion, after two years of research, she released the brand, LIZZI in France. She was already endeared by the public in her first year and had her first collection presented at Fashion Week Bordeaux.

In France, she worked as a trend researcher, took advantage by attending several meetings, as well as participating in evaluation committees for graduating students at the IBSM institute, advised students in their last period of internship at ESMOD and IBSM. She also created a conference on “New Luxury” with the consultant of Maison Lanvin, ex-director of the most renowned French fashion school, à ESMOD and current Director of the Fashion course at Académie des Métiers d'Art de Paris, Jean Flahaut.

With her partner, she decided to create a new universe: the LIZZI brand. From then on, she has been dividing her time between Bordeaux and Sao Luis the Maranhao.


Doubts about the pandemic continue, the future is uncertain, we’ve become more vulnerable. We feel our pain and that of others, too. The pandemic has spawned self-reflection, and we’ve been trying to connect with ourselves ever since; one question becomes evident: “After all, who am I?” We are a multitude of beings in the same body. We’re thirsty to know about ourselves. The pandemic has unmasked us and revealed our multiplicity. In the desire for self-knowledge, we try a myriad of ways to transform.

The PERSONA 2022 collection was inspired by the mysterious universe of the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector; Her work leads us through a moment of introspection, makes us establish contact with the human essence, feminine universe, divinity, nature, a greater being, and the mystery of life; Clarice's work leads us to profoundly question what and if we are, and if and how we exist.

The collection is divided into three parts: the first block presents the wild, rebellious side of the character Joana, an enigma of life, who refuses to accept the limited oppressive role of wife-mother-housewife, established and defined in our culture as the female ideal; the second presents the character G.H, who establishes contact with divinity, after a harrowing and epiphanic mystical experience; the last block shows the simplicity and ingenuity of Macabea, a character completely helpless and left to her own luck.

Our Persona collection is about the many Personas that live in our soul. Our objective with this collection is to draw attention to Brazilian women writers who remain on the outside of the main publishers and literary media.

The fabrics are fluid and light, an intimate contact with divinity is reflected by the smooth of silk... Our colors consist of pinks, blues, grays and reds; the exclusive watercolor prints encourage you to find your inner explorer, which wanders through its own nature, seeking to find the essence of its existence.


Our behaviour

Our behaviour is reflected by the exchanges we have with all the people involved in developing a collection. Our collections directly involve farmers, craftsmen, and dress-makers, but also artists collectives and musicians who wish to pass their know-how on. It is our responsibility to contribute in perpetuating these skills through our work.

Limiting our ecological impact

Coop Natural, which has been our partner since 2010, is the first cooperative in Brazil that produced a certified organic cotton. Our cotton is therefore certified by the IBD, which is recognised by most of the international organisations (CEE No834/2007, IFOAM, USDA Organic, JAS Organic, etc.).

To be environmentally-responsible, our partner uses a very particular cotton (EMBRAPA). This cotton is naturally dyed. Textile industry is responsible for a substantial pollution because the dying products imply great amounts of water. Naturally dyed cotton considerably limits the ecological impact of textile industry.

Protecting the know-how

We invite you to discover community and family-based industries, which developed based on a unique know-how. Their work necessarily implies production means adapted to limited editions.

Our search for new partners is based on two principles.

-Finding groups of craftsmen who create “home-made” products, who are generally threatened by the market industry and scarcely work in the fashion industry.

-Meeting cultural groups who apply traditional handicraft and ornament techniques, and enhance their local and cultural identity.

We work with them so as to perpetuate these longstanding traditions. We use this know-how so that they can carry on. LIZZI also seeks to find new evolutions to apply these techniques to the fashion industry.

Besides, their work must allow these artists, who possess an invaluable skill, to make a living.